House Number 15 Made Of Concrete

house numbers

150mm high concrete house number, 50mm thick, stand off brass locator fixings. Century Gothic Bold font.

At the time we only supplied numbers in Impact font but the customer requested a different font, Century Gothic Bold, they also wanted the numbers 150mm high instead of having 200mm high. Not a problem ,we were happy to help.

Century Gothic Bold works well in concrete and has become a standard font for us to make.

If you would like concrete numbers but would prefer a different size or font, feel free to ask. Some fonts work well made from concrete more than others. Fonts that work tend to be san-serif in nature or need to be bold.

Thin fonts don’t work very well although we have achieved it in the past, thin fonts are just not very strong and need to be handled with care or they will break.

If you would like some concrete numbers of letters for your house or commercial property, please feel free to ask.